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      發布日期 : 2019-09-26 瀏覽次數 :


      報告題目:Weak 2-local isometries on function algebras

      報 告 人:李磊 副教授(南開大學)

      間:2019105日(星期六) 上午11:00-12:00


      報告摘要: I will talk about the generalization of classical Gleason-Kahane-Zelazko Theorem and Kowalski-Sodkowski Theorem in Banach algebra and its application to my recent work of weak-2-local isometries on uninform algebras and Lipschitz algebras.


      報告題目Random Toeplitz Operators and eigenvalue distribution

      報 告 人:黃毅青 教授(臺灣中山大學)

      間:2019105日(星期六) 上午9:00-10:00


      報告摘要: We give a characterization of random Toeplitz operators as random linear operators on Hilbert spaces given by multiplications. Their properties are studied in term of their generating functions. Our results, when applied with the preconditioned conjugate gradient method, gives a new technique for finding numerical solutions of linear systems associated with a random Toeplitz coefficient matrices.


      報告題目:Maps preserving means on positive definite or positive semidefinite cones in operator algebras

      報 告 人:Lajos Molnar教授 University of Szeged(匈牙利)

      間:2019105日(星期六) 上午10:00-11:00


      報告摘要: Means of positive definite and positive semidefinite operators can be considered as operations. Therefore, transformations respecting them are kinds of morphisms.